Rules for Support Vehicles

Rules for Support Vehicles

The Kluane to Chilkat International Bike Relay (KCIBR) event is a bike relay race that allows for solo, two, four and eight-person teams. 

The KCIBR Mission:
To host an annual international road bike relay from the Yukon to Alaska that is a safe, fun, sustainable, community-oriented event for riders of all abilities, along one of the most scenic and remote roads in the North.

These rules are to help promote our mission. Please help us with our mission by following the rules.

The event takes place on the Haines Highway over 240 kilometres between Haines Junction, YT and Haines, Alaska (the event course), and traverses a variety of topography including steep hill climbs and descents. Weather conditions can vary along the event course including high winds, rain, cold and heat.

At a minimum, participants should be physically fit for the category entered and prepared to encounter varied terrain and weather conditions. Participants must also be prepared and equipped to deal with first aid, weather and motor vehicle emergencies in a remote location along the event course.  If you are able to, please carry a bear spray in your vehicle.

Support vehicles are permitted to assist riders throughout the race. Please follow these simple rules to ensure that riders and drivers have an enjoyable and safe race.


Support Vehicle Rules

Support vehicles are permitted to assist riders throughout the race FROM THE SIDE OF THE ROAD ONLY. Please follow these simple rules to ensure that riders and drivers have an enjoyable race.  

Violations of any of the Support Vehicle Rules may result in team disqualification or time penalties as determined by Race Officials.

All regular rules of the road are in effect at all times before, during, and after the race.

This race has the potential for many dangerous traffic situations. Use caution at all times, particularly at checkpoints. Watch for riders when parking and opening vehicle doors.

  1. Each team may have only one official support vehicle.
    - Teams will be given 2 vehicle identification tags.
    - These tags must be displayed on the right front window and rear window. 
    - Only support vehicles bearing this identification will be allowed in the checkpoint areas which permit parking, checkpoint 3 and 4.   
    - PLEASE use as FEW vehicles as possible for moving riders down the course.

  2. Strict no parking zones have been established on either side of checkpoints. At checkpoints obey all signs and only park and stop where permitted. There is Special Traffic Control in effect around Checkpoint 1 and Checkpoint 2. If violation is noted, this may result in time penalty and/or team disqualification. 


  1. Parking: When parking your vehicle along the highway, park COMPLETELY OFF the traveled surface of the road so that when you open your door, it doesn’t interfere with riders or vehicles. If there is not enough room to park in this manner, please move further down the highway and look for a better place to park.

  2. Support vehicles shall not travel on the shoulder of the road (the bike lane) or keep pace with the rider. Motorpacing of riders is not allowed.

  3. Support vehicles must drive in the right-hand lane only. Drivers must obey the rules of the road and pull completely off the highway and bike lane to assist their rider. Park and stop only on the right-hand side of the road, when it is safe to do so.

  4. Passing: Pass only when it is safe to do so. Do not pass cyclists or vehicles UNLESS it is safe to do so (i.e. you can see far enough down the road that the left lane is clear and safe to use). This is a basic safe driving practice which is ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT in this event!

Information for Drivers


Fuel is only available in Haines Junction, Yukon and on the outskirts of Haines, Alaska. There is no fuel available from Kathleen Lake, 20 km/12.5 miles south of Haines Junction, until 33 Mile Roadhouse in the US. This is a distance of approximately 200 km (120 miles).  Please check your fuel gauge before leaving Haines Junction.

Border Crossing

Please ensure everyone has their Passports and any other documents required to cross the US and Canadian borders. Ensure passports and any other documentation is ready to provide (in hand) PRIOR to arrival at the border.