Rules for Riders on Course

Rules for Riders on Course

The KCIBR event is a bike relay race that allows for solo, two, four and eight-person bike teams.
The KCIBR Mission:

To host an annual international road bike relay from the Yukon to Alaska that is a safe, fun, sustainable, community-oriented event for riders of all abilities, along one of the most scenic and remote roads in the North.

These rules are to help promote our mission. Please help us with our mission by following the rules.

The event takes place on the Haines Highway over 240 kilometres between Haines Junction, YT and Haines, Alaska (the event course), and traverses a variety of topography including steep hill climbs and descents. Weather conditions can vary along the event course including high winds, rain, cold and heat.

At a minimum, participants should be physically fit for the category entered and prepared to encounter varied terrain and weather conditions. Participants must also be prepared and equipped to deal with first aid, weather and motor vehicle emergencies in a remote location along the event course.

Violations of any of the REQUIREMENT rules may result in team disqualification or time penalties as determined by Race Officials.


  1. HELMETS: Approved cycling helmets are mandatory for all riders. No exceptions. 

  2. BIKES: Most riders use mountain, road, or hybrid bikes.​  
    - Teams using recumbent bikes and teams using tandem bikes are allowed but that type of bike must be used by every rider on a team.
    - Recumbent bikes can only draft with recumbent bikes and tandem bikes can only draft with tandem bikes.
    - E bikes are allowed on 8-person teams but are not required for every rider on that team.
    - Any 8-person team with an e bike may not place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd for their category.
    - E bikes may only draft e bikes. No other bikes may draft an e bike.
    - No other modes of transportation not listed above are allowed.

  3. AEROBARS: Aerobars are prohibited. Aerobars means any handlebars or handlebar attachments pointing upwards or forwards and offering forearm support.

  4. DISC WHEELS: Disc wheels (or any spoke covers or other fairings meant to emulate disc wheels) are prohibited.

  5. CHILD CARRIERS: The carrying of children in pull behind carts, tag-a-long bikes, child carriers, or any other device is NOT ALLOWED.

  6. HEADPHONES AND MUSIC: The use of headphones, personal stereos, or cell phones while riding is NOT ALLOWED.

  7. DISPLAY OF RACE NUMBERS: Team numbers MUST be displayed on the RIGHT outer thigh, hip, or buttock (this means clothing is required). Bike race numbers MUST be on the seat post fastened with twist ties below your seat trailing behind. Both must be visible and vertical while riding.  Rider and bike team numbers are supplied in your race package.

  8. HIGHWAY SHOULDER RIDING: Riders must stay as far as possible to the right ON THE HIGHWAY SHOULDER to allow vehicles to pass safely. Requests from race officials or designated volunteers to move on to the shoulder are mandatory. Pack riders must ride as far to the right of the highway/shoulder as possible.

  9. DRAFTING: Drafting is permitted with other competitors only.
    - Drafting is permitted between riders on standard bikes.
    - Recumbent bikes may draft only with other recumbent bikes.
    - E bikes can only draft e bikes.
    - No standard bikes may draft an e bike.
    - Drafting of vehicles is not allowed.
    - No support riders are allowed on the course.

  10. SOLO RIDERS:  Subject to the same rules as other teams. With the exception of accessing the solo snack support provided by Icycle Sports at Checkpoints 3 and 5, solo riders should NOT stop at ANY checkpoint until they reach the Finish Line checkpoint. 

  11. VEHICLE CONTACT: Contact between riders and vehicles in motion is not allowed. Riders may not be passed anything from a vehicle. Support crew must be outside the vehicle to pass anything to a rider. 

    - Riders must ride in the order that has been indicated in their team registration.
    - Any substitutions may only be made between original riders who have signed a waiver and registered on that team.
    - Substitutions must be recorded on the Blue Race Sheet and must be turned in at the Finish Line.
    - A rider not completing a leg may not ride again in the relay.
    - The substituting rider may ride a later leg.
    - Only one substitution is allowed per leg to a maximum of three substitutions for the race.
    - A fifteen (15) minute penalty will be assessed for each substitution.
    - Note: If the Leg 7 rider is substituted before the border crossing, the new rider will need their passport with them. 

    - If a rider fails to complete their leg they may have a substitute rider from their team complete the leg for them. See Rule 12, above.
    -  If no rider can substitute, the team may go to the next checkpoint and contact the Checkpoint Marshall who will allow the next rider to begin their leg.
    - Ensure that an outgoing time is recorded for the rider and note it on the 'Blue Team Time Sheet' along with the fact that the previous rider did not complete their leg.
    - The incomplete rider will be assigned a time equal to the slowest time on that leg.


A. CLOTHING: Riders are encouraged to wear bright clothing.

B. SOLO RIDERS: Only experienced riders should enter this category. Icycle Sports is sponsoring a selection of snacks at checkpoints 3 and 5 for solo riders only.

C. TEAM SUPPORT: Teams must be totally self-sufficient for bike repairs and refreshments.

D. CERTIFICATES:  A Certificate template is available on the website and can be filled in with your personal rider information and printed.