Updated June 15, 2018: Road Construction on the Haines Highway

Updated June 15, 2018:  Race officials drove the section under construction yesterday evening including a board member riding his road bike with 700 x 23 tires.  Here is what we were told by construction workers on site:  there will be 2 way traffic but not any ride-able shoulder; they are planning to "top-dress" (make better) the 3 rough sections where there is larger material (up to 4") before the bike relay; thus conditions should only get better from what we saw last night 

Here is what we recommend for the 4 km (2.4 mile section under construction):

  • As there is no ride-able shoulder, vehicles need to yield to on-coming traffic when passing cyclists; cyclists need to keep to the right in single file. 
  • Mountain bikes and bikes with wider tires will be able to traverse the section
  • Road bikes are rideable through most of it with 3 sections of approximately 100 m, 30 m, and 50 m where the road bike would need to be carried or walked if conditions do not improve; rain/wetness may change conditions for road bikes
  • There is no safe place to pick up and drop off a rider immediately prior to and after the construction.  If you want to shuttle the rider, you would need to pick them up at a pull-out on the right at mile-post 14 and drive between 1 and 3 kms after the construction ends to have a safe shoulder to drop them off to ride again.  For safety reasons, we do NOT recommend picking up and dropping off immediately adjacent to the construction zone.  There are also signs in the construction zone saying no stopping.
  • We have been assured there will be two-way traffic on this section starting at noon on June 16
  • There will be construction work taking place on June 16 adjacent to the road but will not impede traffic 

Updated June 8, 2018:  We received confirmation from the road construction company regarding the section of leg 8 between mile posts 8 and 10:

  • there will be two-way traffic on this section starting at noon on June 16
  • there will be construction work taking place on June 16 adjacent to the road but will not impede traffic 

KCIBR will update teams on the condition of the road surface on or before the morning of June 15.  Please check kcibr.org, the KCIBR facebook page, and your inbox for updates.

Updated June 2, 2018:  From the Contractor:  I believe within the next 2 weeks we could have as much as a mile of this type surface placed (see photo above), the other mile would be a typical gravel road, that would be the entirety of our current work zone without pavement.  

Teams are reminded of the following options of this section of the road:  Attempt to ride with a bike with wider tires, switch to a mountain bike for this portion of Leg 8, be shuttled by your support vehicle through this 2 mile section of the road.  Race officials will take photos on June 14 and update the website on the morning of June 15.

People driving from Haines to Haines Junction on Friday, June 15 should allow for extra time to get through the traffic control on this section of the Haines Highway. 

Updated May 30/18:  Road construction is currently underway from Mile Post 10 to Mile Post 12 (coming from Haines) on Leg 8.  The project contact has informed us that current conditions are gravel but this might change to more "like rock" by June 16.  KCIBR will update this information as we receive new information.  Teams should ensure a representative attends one of the Captains' Meeting to receive the most current information on road conditions.  Race officials will take photos on June 14 and update the website on the morning of June 15.

More Information: While the actual work area is only 2 miles, the construction zone is 8 miles long with reduced speeds and speed fines doubled. Bikes with wider tires are recommended at this point in time.  Riders can also switch to mountain bikes for this portion of leg 8.  Riders may feel they cannot safely ride this section and can opt to be transported over this 2 mile section by their support vehicle.  Picking up and dropping off of the leg 8 rider must be done off of the travelled portion of the roadway on the right side of the road.  Race officials will take photos on June 14 and update the website on the morning of June 15.

Older: The Alaska Department of Transportation has confirmed that significant road construction will be taking place from mile 8 to mile 12 (measuring from Haines) which is on leg 8.  Alaska DOT has confirmed that the contractor will be made aware of the KCIBR event and will endeavour to minimize construction activities on the day of the event.  It is possible riders on this section will need to be using a mountain bike.  KCIBR will update website and Facebook information when more information is available.