Relay Rules

The KCIBR 2021 Virtual Cycling Event (the “Event”) is not a race, but an event to encourage cycling participation wherever you live. Rides must be between June 12-20th.

Please note: The rules and guidelines for the 2021 KCIBR Virtual Cycling Event supersede previous rules and guidelines for the KCIBR for this year (2021) only.


  1. Approved cycling helmets are mandatory for all riders. No exceptions. 
  2. The KCIBR Virtual Cycling Event is an outside event only and is not allowing indoor trainers, zwifters, etc. as part of the event.
  3. There is no limitation on the type of wheeled bike used. e-bikes are welcome in this year’s event.
  4. Riders are not restricted to where they ride or the type of road surface ridden (pavement, gravel, trail, etc.), however KCIBR is not and will not be recommending specific routes.
  5. Riders register as individuals but can create teams (2 - 8 persons, maybe more).
  6. Riders under the age of nineteen (19) on race day must have parental or guardian consent to participate in the Event and have the Event waiver signed by a parent or guardian.
  7. Teams can be composed of individuals within the same community or virtually from different communities, towns, cities or countries.
  8. Individuals or teams can elect to ride one or more leg distances of 30 km per leg to a maximum of 240 km (equating to eight legs).
  9. There is no requirement for team members to ride consecutive legs. ie: an eight-person team in the same community can ride a single 30 km leg distance as a group or set their own course with each team member electing to ride one or more consecutive or non-consecutive legs to a maximum of 8 - 30km legs.
  10. No timing stats will be recorded nor will distances ridden be verified for the Event.
  11. All participants agree to and must follow local health authority guidance and rules related to COVID-19 restrictions.
  12. The use of headphones, personal stereos, or cell phones while riding is NOT ALLOWED.
  13. KCIBR prohibits the use of non-medicinal drugs and alcohol during participation in the event. Participants must not be impaired by drugs or alcohol while riding in the Event.
  14. Cyclists are operators of vehicles and must comply with all traffic laws in the community that participants ride. Participants are advised to familiarize themselves with the cycling and road rules of the community in which the participants are riding.
  15. Refunds are not available for this Event.
  16. Riders may not transfer or sell their registration to another person.


  1. At a minimum, participants should be physically fit.
  2. Riders are encouraged to wear bright clothing.
  3. Be aware of others around you and communicate well in advance while cycling. Use gestures in combination with verbal commands. Pass on the left only. It is recommended that cyclists advise others that they are about to pass – politely saying “on your left” upon approaching a rider usually does the trick. Ride with your head up. Look down the road not at the person in front of you.
  4. If you choose to stop while on your route, signal to the riders behind and pull over safely.
  5. Maintain control and speed of your bike, even going downhill.
  6. Know your limits. Crashes can occur when inexperienced riders do not have bike-handling skills to make quick decisions in a pack.
  7. Be respectful of other riders and offer to help others when needed.