Registration for KCIBR 2017 Is Now CLOSED

Registrations for 2017 is now closed.  On-Line registration opened on March 15, 2017 at midnight and we reached our 1200 rider capacity in less than 36 hours.  Solo rider registration closed on May 12.  Please read all of the details on the Registration tab.  KCIBR does not maintain a wait list.  If you are looking to buy onto a team, buy a team, sell a team, or looking for a few riders for your team, please use social media (facebook, kijiji, etc.,) to connect with others.  If you negotiate the sale or purchase of a complete team, you must contact KCIBR to finalize the transfer.

If you need to make changes and/or purchase additional shirts or jerseys, please refer to the information on the KCIBR Registration page.