How to use the SI Timing System

Checkpoint Timing Directions

The KCIBR uses the Sport Ident (SI) timing and checkpoint system to simplify split timing and improve accuracy.

Each team rider (including solo riders) will wear a Sport Ident stick on a lanyard around their neck. The plastic stick can be tucked inside the rider’s shirt while riding and the lanyard will be big enough to fit over their helmet. For details about the SI system go to:

  • Riders will come into a marked and marshaled “SLOW DOWN” zone within 40 metres of the checkpoint finish line
  • Riders will DISMOUNT at a marked and marshaled line approximately 10 metres from the checkpoint finish line
  • Riders will walk their bike to the finish line where they can choose from a number of “fenced lanes”
  • Riders will insert their SI stick into one of the control stations mounted on top of the fencing until they hear a beep (marshals will be available to help)
  • Riders will then move past the fenced lanes to an “exchange area” where they pass the SI stick and lanyard onto the next rider
  • The finishing rider exits from the exchange area via an exit chute where their bib tear-off will be removed
  • Once they have secured the SI stick and lanyard over their head, the new starting rider will exit the checkpoint back onto the roadway



  • Solo riders will not enter any checkpoints until they get to the Finish Line where they will follow finish line protocol and insert their SI timing stick into the timing station (as will all teams).
  • 2-person team riders will only enter checkpoint 4 to exchange the SI stick and change riders
  • 4-person team riders will only enter checkpoints 2, 4, and 6 to exchange the SI stick and change riders
  • At all other checkpoints, solo, tandem, 2 person and 4 person riders will ride past the checkpoint staying on the right side of the road
  • Teams with less than a full complement of riders shall ensure that all their riders pass through all of the required checkpoints for the category in which the team is entered. For example, riders on a four-person team must go through checkpoints 2, 4, 6 & 8. Riders on an eight-person team must go through checkpoints 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8. Thus, if you are riding in the 8-person category and you are riding more than 1 leg, you must enter the checkpoint you are riding through, run your SI stick through a control station, have one of your bib tear-offs taken, and then continue on riding.

Start Line

  • SI sticks and lanyards will be handed out with Race Packages
  • There will be practice control stations set up at the Race Package Pick-Up to see how the system works 
  • Race Officials will be in the Start area prior to each staggered start to ensure that all riders validate their SI stick by dipping it in a Check SI station

Finish Line Timing Directions

The SI protocol for the Finish Line in Haines, Alaska is as follows :

  • Riders will cross the finish line and enter a slow down zone
  • Finish line marshals will keep riders in order in the slow down zone
  • Riders will stop and walk their bikes into a exit chute
  • Riders will insert their SI sticks in a control station
  • Riders will give their SI stick to race officials who will also remove their bib-tearoff
  • Riders will exit the finish line chute