Registration Fills Up for 2016 in Record Time!

Registration for the 2016 KCIBR filled up to the 1200 maximum in 8-9 days which is approximately twice as quickly as the last few years.  Our condolences to those who did not get a team registered.  Solo riders can continue to register until May 13.  

KCIBR does not maintain waiting lists and we've removed our forum pages due to spam issues.  Please use social media and networking if you are looking for a team to join or for riders for your team.  If a team is changing ownership or you are having difficulty adding or changing riders to your team, please contact the race coordinator.

If you need to add shirts to your team's registration, you can do so by following this link.  The deadline for shirt orders is April 15.

Please read the information on the Registration page about making changes, waivers, and team restrictions.

Please read the Itinerary page to find information about captains' meetings, race starts times, and other time-sensitive information.

Please review the different Race Rules pages to make sure you understand safety and rule information.